The Future of Lensroam

Lensroam is going on 4 years, this year. This year will be the year of change for Lensroam. I say that statement with no expectation in mind that Lensroam will be the biggest company around by this year. I say it with intention, and a purpose to build this brand around exactly what I believe in. This isn't to say I didn't believe in it previous years, this is just to say I finally feel like I got it. I have the exact idea of what I want Lensroam to be about.

Brand & Moments.

You've probably seen it before, because I promote that tagline. I promote it because I believe in those two things, and within those two things lie dreams and memories. They lie the business someone is working to build, the memory someone is living and wants to re-live it in 5 years. THAT is what Lensroam is about. Not cool videos, that's the features that come along the work I do and how I try to do it. But the core of my business is not cool, it's impact. It's a brand or a moment.

So, the future of Lensroam is not a set plan. But I know one thing is my pivot point in which all things will result from: Brands & Moments. This year I will be working on new ideas, new ways to create, and more. But for now...that's the future of Lensroam.


Owner, Lensroam