Welcome To Lensroam

Welcome to the updated Lensroam site! There's a lot to talk about with the launch of the updated Lensroam site and company! Below is a video guide on the new site which can be helpful for learning more about the site itself:



The Launch

The Launch was Oct. 1st, and it was successful! I got so much support from everyone and it meant a lot. People loved the new site, and I am glad because it did take some time. This Launch was more than just a site update, it was a business update. Lensroam for the past year or so has been kind of stuck in the same spot. Not really improving, that's because I never took the action to work on improving my skills and my business.

But, with the launch this means a whole "new" Lensroam. Working to improve my skills, my equipment, and of course my website. I have made the launch a big deal because it is. I have owned Lensroam for a while, and seeing not tons of success I still believed in it. And, seeing how many people supported me over the time and seeing how many supported me on the day of the launch and since then amazes me.

Media Production

The System

The new Lensroam system is a much seamless process to ordering and starting your project. If you want to understand what I mean, click here. This process provides me with as much information about your project as possible so I can get a final price to you right away. Part of the reason for this was so that people can get their project information to me then I can provide a price or further info without asking general questions that can just waste time for both of us. Not to mention the new pricing layout (which will be discussed below) which makes it a lot easier for clients to understand what is offered in a project and the price for it. I wouldn't consider this system revolutionary, but it does make it much simpler to get your project started right away.

The Pricing

Prices, made simple. Our new pricing feature allows you to understand the hourly rate per project so you can determine your own budget and what you are looking for. Each of our pricing tables lists features included within the project so you can decide what you want. Our prices are not set as flat rates such as $400 for this, and this, etc. I do the pricing hourly because certain project (depending on your vision) can take 1 hour to film or 10 hours, so this eliminates any confusion for when we begin the project. This is extremely simple. You order ➞ We review ➞ We send back a final price (excluding travel fees). So the hourly rate you see may not be the final price of the project.

Lensroam Extras

The Store

NEW ONLINE STORE! I have been selling Lensroam apparel for a while now. But, now there is an online store built specifically for those who want to own some Lenswear! The fully functional store ships your order right to your door! For now, there are a few shirts on the store and a sticker. These are just the first items on the store but, there will be a winter release coming soon for you to order! There will be a full blog post on that when it is released.

This Blog

This blog, which is called the lens, will have Lensroam updates, apparel releases, tutorial videos, and more! Things like behind the scenes, motivational videos, new projects, and more of that will also be on this blog. Expect weekly posts.

Overall, there are a lot of new things on the Lensroam site! That was an overview, and of course there will be new content coming soon! Thank you for reading.